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Custom Internal Antennals
Custom Internal Antennals
Fleconn is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of custom antennas and assemblies for wireless and mobile applications; particularly for 3D antennas produced by LDS and two-shot technology, specializing in customized designs with a focus on small multiband antennas (including Pentaband and 4G LTE) and complementary (NFC, internal FM, BT/GPS, WLAN) antennas.

RF Connectors
RF Connectors
Fleconn is a leading global supplier of a wide variety of standard and custom RF coaxial connectors, cable assemblies and unique solutions for today's cutting edge applications, covering frequencies from DC to 50 GHz. Markets supported include military, automotive, medical, instrumentation, telecom and wireless. Fleconn is committed to provide outstanding service, value and quality.

Standard Antennas
Standard Antennas
The global market is trending toward wireless applications. On the industrial side, global smart grid deployments are leading in M2M (machine-to-machine) wireless communication. In consumer markets, wireless internet television and audio dominate. Many wireless devices are better served with a standard antenna rather than a customized one. Fleconn standard antennas deliver superior performance for less cost and risk—and shortened lead times for bringing wireless products to market.

Fleconn for wireless application design, development and manufacture of custom antenna and antenna components. Major worldwide OEM and ODM companies have chosen Fleconn to support a wide range of communication technologies, including cellular, UMTS, WiFi, WIMAX, BlueTooth, GPS and other technologies. Work in all project phases and technical experts will come together to determine how customers a cost-effective solution for wireless antenna design, but also ensure that the product can be faster to market. Fleconn using advanced technology and its latest patented technologies, lean manufacturing techniques, custom automation and vertical integration technology, designed to provide high-quality, high reliability and high performance products.