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General Description:
  • Impedance: 50 ohm, 75 ohm
  • Frequency Range:0–4 GHz, 0–1 GHz
  • Working Voltage:500 Volts rms, 500 Volts rms

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Product Description

SMA interface comes in two forms, SMA is the end of the standard "+ male thread holes", and the other end "internal thread needle +"; RP-SMA of opposite polarity is one "external thread needle +", and the other end is a "threaded hole +", the figure on the right shows the reversed polarity RP-SMA RP-SMA interface of wireless devices are the most popular, more than 70% AP, wireless and 90% PCI wireless network card interface is the interface, the interface size, hand held intercom and other equipment, there are many types, but the needles and tubes are the opposite of wireless devices. Wireless AP and the wireless router by using the interface including the bulk of civilian equipment. TP-link and the DLINK and the United States that NETGEAR, Belkin, Lei branch of Shenzhen brand, as long as the antenna is detachable, basically using this interface.

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