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Connector is a kind of electronic device often contacted by us. Its function is very simple. That is helping build a bridge of communication between the blocked or isolated circuit, so that it can let the current flow, then let the circuit realize the function of reservation. In terms of general, what connectors connected is not only limited to the current, but also to the light used to transmit signal. In the rapid development of optoelectronic technology today, the signal carrier is light in the optical fiber system glass and plastic instead of the conductor in the ordinary circuit, but the photo-signal channel also use connectors, their roles are the same with the connector in the circuit.


Connector output reached 46.8 billion pieces last year. The scale of the market reached RMB 51.5 billion, an average annual growth rate will be 17% and 15%, respectively. Even under the shadow of the financial crisis, the connector market still has a strong development potential.


At the same time, Asia has become the most potential market in the connector. According to a report of Global Industry, the Asian market will reach $6.4 billion in 2015, and China will become the world's fastest-growing and the largest capacity of connector market by 2010. The Chinese connector market capacity reaches RMB 25.7 billion. The Chinese connector market will continue to grow faster than the global average in future. Although nearly two years of foreign markets remain low, it also make the connector manufacturers abroad tighten the layout in China, thereby, accelerate the development of China's connector market.


The development of application fields puts forward new requirements for connector technology: high speed, Digitalization and integration of signal transmission; Product volume of small size, narrow spacing, multi-function; Plug facilitation and module combination; The cost of products lower. Connector application domain expands unceasingly. The medical application is expected to be among the top five. There are statistics show that global connector sales in the top five application fields are cars, computers and peripherals, communications, industrial equipments and aerospace and military, and the growing rate occupying top five applications are consumer electronics, transportation electronics, medical electronics, communications electronics, computers and peripherals. Therefore, medical electronics will become the new growth point of connector application. The industry insider predicts the connector market in the field of medical will reach $1.63 billion until 2016.

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