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Automotive wiring harness Manufacturer

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  • An automotive wiring harness is an assembly of electrical wires, connectors and other parts, or an electrical wiring system, used to transmit information and energy in automobiles.


Automotive wiring harness Manufacturer
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Due to the special nature of the automotive industry, the manufacturing process of automotive wiring harness is more special than any other ordinary harness. The manufacturing system of automotive wiring harness broadly is divided into two categories: 1. Divide by the countries of European and America, including China: Use TS16949 system to control the manufacturing process. 2. mainly in Japan: such as Toyota, Honda have their own system to control the manufacturing process. With the increase of car features, widespread application of electronic control technology, there are more and more electrical parts, wires will be more and more, it becomes more coarse more heavy. Therefore, advanced automotive just import the CAN-bus configuration, adopted multi-channel transmission systems. Compared with the traditional wiring harness, multi-channel transmission device greatly reduces the number of wires and associated plug-ins, so that the wiring is more simple.